Monday, July 21, 2014

The Beauty of Fogo contest

To realize how beautiful the Fogo Loch sim is another Photo Contest was held and sponsored by our Viceroy Loggos. The participants came with their works showing why they love the Fogo sim so much. Let's see their works

First - three entries by Gaqraa, our babyRoyal or the newly born Knight of Fogo Loch. And let's be honest, he doesn't only have an eye for beauty, but also the perfect artistic skills.

Fogo Castle



The next participant is Jonathan Smithy who provided four pictures for this contest. And I understand him. The Fogo is such a beautiful place with so many hidden charming places. With his collection Jonathan succeeded to make a very clear statement - the Beauty can be hidden everywhere including the well known places (and thus overlooked). 

Fogo Sphere at Turning Temple

Fogo Sunbeams

Fogo Underwater Angel

Fogo Waterfall

Now let me introduce two pieces by Thorten. He was clearly charmed by our underwater world and this serene place in particular. The calming depths of the lake and the mysterious serenity are perfectly captured by Thorten on his images. They are unnamed and I agree - sometimes there no words can be found to describe what you feel.

And at last. but not least let me introduce a nice work by Trebor Rufus.  Well, this guy took the bull by its horns by showing us the core of Fogo Loch, its beautiful castle. A mighty image!

Well, I guess our Loggos had some tough times while trying to choose the winner of this contest. It wasn't easy to decide as each of these images has its own magic. But he finally came with the list of winners.

1st place is given to Gaqraa for two of his images - Unicorn and Cemetery. A wise decision I'd say - never choose between the Innocence of Light and the Temptation of the Darkness. Worship them both, each on its time. 

2nd place is given to Jonathan Smithy for The Underwater Angel. Great work! 

And the 3rd place is given to Trebor Rufus for his Castle. A very nice image!

Congratulations, Gaqraa, Jonathan and Trebor! 

And thank you our Viceroy for the contest.

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