Saturday, July 5, 2014

Big Boy's Dreams: Straight to Heaven

Today I was wandering through the Dutch village I found recently enjoying the familiar landscapes. Nicely made sim with a lot of little details that every Dutch would recognize. How about a box of fries left on the table near the port. Or the VVV which stands for "Tourist information". A central point to start a tour of the yet unknown Dutch village. And look what I found on my way to VVV...

That's "the real rocket" from my childhood! You know for a guy, it doesn't matter how old are you. The dreams of your inner kid never die. And what boy didn't have a dream to concur the skies moving straight forward through the clouds to unknown highs? Those times when a kid was lying on the lawn staring at the stars while his mind was creating the various scenarios of its own Space Odyssey.

Fortunately I always take my pilot outfit with me, so it was just a matter of minutes to get ready for this farewell picture before starting my sky adventure. Good Bye the Earth, the Skies are waiting.

And OMG, I had a lot of fun with that rocket. To suit all the variations of Big Boy's Dreams it has three stands: GrownUp (hehe, you bet), Shooter and Silly. Of course I did try all of them! 

The rocket is made by Culprit Mesh Furniture. And there is more great stuff to find there. A lot of those old good carnival attractions and other great furniture. Just one more example below to finish my personal Big Boy's Space Odyssey.

Useful links:

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Enjoy leaving your dreams, guys!

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