Monday, July 9, 2018

A guardian post of the Moon Path

No, this guardian post is not needed to protect the Moon Path, but those fools who are reckless or even mad enough to follow it. So most of the time it's a quiet job. Watching TV, drinking Moon Shine and checking if nobody has fallen into water in her or his attempt to reach the Moon via this path.


Serenity Style
Serenity Style- Scooter Retro Lamp Rust RARE
Available at Vanity event till July 25th

[ keke ]
[ keke ] fat beer box w pillow
[ keke ] vintage tv . red . click to change screen
[ keke ] fat beer box
[ keke ] fat beer bottle
[ keke ] fat beer bottles
[ keke ] fat beers on ice 1
[ keke ] barbwire fence
[ keke ] back yard fence wood
[ keke ] light string white
Available at The Mens Dept till July 31st

[ keke ] old garden greenhouse
[ keke ] feather grass . frost
[ keke ] soft grass . frost
Available at the main store

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