Saturday, June 16, 2018

The day starts early on the beach...

... and we have a very busy schedule for today. All that swimming, playing with sand, lounging, chilling, ice eating, cocktails. And of course a good party tonight!


[ keke ]
[ keke ] pebble alphabet . S
Available at FameshedGO till July 10

[ keke ] bottle lights on a string . beach wood
Available at Fameshed till June 27

Serenity Style
Summer Essentials gacha
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Canopy RARE
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Male Sandals DECOR (REZ)
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Female Sandals DECOR (REZ)
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Towels
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Bag  Cans DECOR
Available at Pocket Gacha from June 15

Serenity Style- Quiggles Lifeguard Chair
Available at MadPea Summer Hunt till June 27

Freshy set
Artisan IceCream Cart CHEZ MOI
Freshy Bench (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Available at Ultra event till July 10

Nissi Lounger set
Nissi Double Lounger (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Nissi Parasol CHEZ MOI
Available at Illuminate June 18 - July 13

Galland Homes
Galveston by Galland Homes
Available at the main store

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