Saturday, June 2, 2018

Captain dreams

What may happen to your dreams when you spend the night on Second Life instead of going to bed. But as long as they are Serenity Style Dreams, there is no reason to worry.


Serenity Style

Serenity Style- The Ice Cream Company Cart
Available at Ultra event from May 15th

Serenity Style- Yani Wardrobe
Available at Vanity event from June 1st

Alice in Wonderland set
Serenity Style- Tea time
Serenity Style-the door to nowhere
Available at the main store after Enchantment event (ended May 31st)

Duchess backdrops gacha
Serenity Style-Stairway to dream
Serenity Style-Building my life (modified! unlinked parts used!)
Serenity Style-Captain dreams RARE (modified! unlinked parts used!)
Serenity Style-Chaotic world (modified! unlinked parts used!)
Available at Whimsical till June 18th

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