Thursday, May 3, 2018

Summer evening

Ready to spend the evenings (and may be also the nights) outside!

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Cheeky Pea
:CP: Rockport Family Home Home Slate
Available at Fameshed till May 27th.
For more pictures and features, please visit Cheeky Pea Flickr.

Galland Homes
Freeman Trellis
Available at Fameshed till May 27th.

Gacha Sunset Patio Set
Pergola Sunset
Armchair Sunset
Coffee Table Sunset
Couch Sunset
Available at the Gacha Garden till May 31st.

Puke Rainbows
Garden Set
[PR] Garden Fence 2 - White
[PR] Garden Arch Roses - White
Available at the Gacha Garden till May 31st.

Backyard Patio
Amphore with Bowstring Hemp - COMMON
Amphore with Armillary Sphere - COMMON
Leather Flip Flops - COMMON
Paper Balls Light - COMMON
Paper Lantern - COMMON
Available at the Gacha Garden till May 31st.

The Half Moon Market
Stained Glass Butterflies
Available at the Gacha Garden till May 31st.

Other credits:

Hollyhocks - Hot Pink 1
Hollyhocks - Hot Pink 3
Hollyhocks - Hot Pink 2

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