Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beach party at our "Pink" bar

Still waiting for the beach weather? We bring the beach inside! Join the party! You know the place, it's at the "Pink"!

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Patton Loft
Available at the 6° Republic event May 6th - 20th

CONSTRUCT - Wooden Sign - 1 li
CONSTRUCT - 2 silver Inflatable Pool Palm
CONSTRUCT - Inflatable Beachball 3
CONSTRUCT - Tossed Swim Trunks blue - 1 li
CONSTRUCT - Tossed Swim Trunks green - 1 li
Available at the 6° Republic event May 6th - 20th

.BASIL. Silver Sconce
.BASIL. Gold Crystal Lamp
.BASIL. Alice Sofa
.BASIL. Silver Table Decor
.BASIL. Gold Coffee Table
Available at the Gacha Garden till May 31st

Blush Club
10. LAGOM - Blush Club [Candles]
11. LAGOM - Blush Club [Bar table] RARE
04. LAGOM - Blush Club [Accecories]
06. LAGOM - Blush Club [Wine Glass Pink]
03. LAGOM - Blush Club [Skull Cake]
09. LAGOM - Blush Club [Floor candy]
02. LAGOM - Blush Club [Bar sign]
Available at the Gacha Garden till May 31st

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