Sunday, April 22, 2018

Simple pleasures

The Sun has moved from Aires to Taurus. So, let's forget ambitions and enjoy the simple pleasures of life!


Cobblestone path
Bench section
T section
Available at the main store.

The Hideout
Available at ILLUMINATE event from April 18th till May 13th.

Live, Love, Eat gacha set
Wall Cast Iron Lamp RARE
Slate Brick Wall - med SPECIAL
Slate Brick Wall - column SPECIAL
Diner Industrial Table
Diner Industrial Stool
MiniJuke Shuffle ULTRARARE
Paper Placemat
Hamburger (giver)
Sausage & Fries
Coffee Paper Cup (giver)
Stack of Paper Cups
LiveLoveEat Neon Sign
Available at ILLUMINATE event from April 18th till May 13th.

LB_The Little Branch
Available at ILLUMINATE event from April 18th till May 13th.

Cheeky Pea
Faith Gacha 
:CP: Faith Tent RARE
:CP: Faith Bed (PG)
:CP: Faith Hanging Flower Natural
:CP: Faith Hanging Flower Petal
:CP: Faith Squat Lantern
:CP: Faith Cloche Lantern
:CP: Faith Table
:CP: Faith Urn Bowl
:CP: Faith Cactus - Exclusive
:CP: Faith Paint Splattered Skull RARE
:CP: Faith Hanging Light
:CP: Faith Bureau
Available at The Epiphany event till May 21st.

Other credits:

Aubretia - Large - Lilac - FULL
Aubretia - Tiny - Lilac - FULL

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