Friday, April 6, 2018

Living in a green house

It's full of sunlight and there is still place for plants. An on-going vacation feeling.


Shabby Greenhouse
Available at the Cosmopolitan event till April 7th.
More info about the set on CHEZ MOI blog.

Garden Shelf
Potted Basil
Potted Mint
Potted Oregano
Lemon Tree
Available at the Shiny Shabby till April 15th.
More info about the set on CHEZ MOI blog.

Emmy Corner Curio Cabinet, White-Painted
Available at The Chapter Four till May 1st.

Flavia Outdoor Set
Flavia Dining Table (Wood) - Multi-Colored Exclusive
Flavia Chair - Multi-Colored Exclusive
Flavia Round Table - Multi-Colored Exclusive
Available at Uber till April 22nd.

Serenity Style
Mozart Spring Set
Mozart Spring Sofa
Mozart Spring Table
Mozart Spring Fishbowl branches
Mozart Spring Books
Mozart Spring Pictures
This set is a part of coming Deco(c)rate that will be delivered on April 8th.

[ keke ]
light bubble . stringed . white . 5 m
Available at Uber till April 22nd.

dotty grass . spring . 10 x 10
Available at the Shiny Shabby till April 15th.

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