Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Winter's 5 o'clock

It's 5 o'clock! Time for tea or coffee and something sweet to enjoy under the pinkish light of descending sun.


hedwig apartment skybox
Available till today, December 27th at Fameshed and later at the main store.

Shutter Field
[sf] corner sofa - black
Available at the main store.

Wrought Iron Woodburning
Firewood Holder
For more info on the creation - visit CHEZ MOI blog.
Available at Limit8 till January 13th.

Cheeky Pea
Katherine Coffee Station
:CP: Vetur Rug
:CP: Saff's Place Setting
:CP: Katherine Flower Pot
:CP: Katherine Kettle
:CP: Katherine Dining Chair
:CP: Homeroad Planter
:CP: Katherine Coffee Station
:CP: Katherine Mugs
:CP: Katherine Coffee Machine
:CP: Katherine Toaster
:CP: Katherine Bread Bin
:CP: Modern Farmhouse Pendant Light
Available at District20 till December 19th.

:CP: Country Home Coffee Table

uK - Manor Fence Railing
uK - Manor Fence End Stone Base
uK - Manor Fence Lamp Stone Base
Available at the main store.

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