Monday, December 4, 2017

A murder before X-mas

Oh NO! Ginger! What happened to you? What a heartless monster could do this to such an innocent creature like you? But don't worry, ginger! Your death will not be in vain! I already feel the sweet taste of revenge under my carrot...

This picture is a result of a Lawrence Pryce Christmas challenge. The conditions were simple: I agree to receive whatever he sends me and make a picture of it within 7 days. But first of all - to have fun!


The Grey Goose
Nightmare Before Christmas Snowman Avatar
(The challenge item).

Death Row Designs
The Krampus Hunt (from December 2016)
Krampus Minion
That Annoying Gingerbread Man
That Brat in a Cage

Never Totally Dead...
1944  Ruined Building

YB Landscapes
snow Yzuo

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