Friday, April 28, 2017

Shoes ad

Yep, barely a shot for a shoe ad. Funny how Second Life can make the dreams appear to be true even those you wasn't aware of. Like did I know I wanted to participate a photography session somewhere in Milan for a shoe advertisement featuring a naked male model? Now I do. And the opportunity to be the art director, photographer and the model at the same time... priceless...


A&D Clothing
Presents BARCELONA - Men's Casual Shoes in Canvas with Ankle Leather Piece. It's 100% mes, Ready for Classic avatars (Fitted Mesh) with bodymesh friendly versions for Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam. There are 18 canvas colors (9 fatpack exclusives), 18 ankle leather variations, 11 colors for sole, 11 for cords and 6 for buckle/zip. Demo is available.

Other credits


Evan Body, tan
Amil Skin, tan
from the Mens Department, March 2017

Stairs for moonlight
from No Limits gacha

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