Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moonlight serenade

Moonlight magic with its many reflections falling together into a harmony of a night serenade.


Bee Designs
A combination of two gacha set - Spring Shed Gacha for Bloom event and Cosy Tree House Gacha for Shiny Shabby:
Spring Shed Gacha  Shed RARE
Spring Shed Gacha  Mirror
Spring Shed Gacha  Pair of vases
Spring Shed Gacha  Console table
Spring Shed Gacha  Side Table
from Bloom event

Cosy Tree  House Gacha Crate with flowers
Cosy Tree  House Gacha Poster 2
from Shiny Shabby


Pallet hangbed as an expression of Timeless Romance theme for the February issue of Deco(c)rate box. Land impact is 10.

Iron arch bench to spend the romantic moments with a beloved one in a blossoming garden. Was presented at The Crossroads in January 2017. Land impact is 10.

Other credits:

Serenity Style
All for love suitcase
from the February issue of Deco(c)rate 

Single Young Sakura PINK with Beads
Double Young Sakura PINK

Alligator Apple Bush

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