Saturday, March 18, 2017

The next stage of being Furious

A new version of Furious. Switched from C900 to C1000!


Optmus Race (mainstore)
A new version is available in a Furious series - OR C1000 FURIOS SHADOW, Realistic motorcycle with real sounds, great choice for the poses, 4 special themes and a CD player. With a lower land impact - 31 for a riding version and 45 fort he 600 pose version. Demo is available at the store.

Other credits:

[Bad Unicorn] (mainstore)
'The Docks' Backdrop
from The Mens Department, March 2017

...Scars... (mainstore)
Black shirt
Leather pants
from The Mens Department, March 2017

RKPoses (mainstore)
Najour #4

Tableau Vivant (mainstore)
JD hairpiece
from The Mens Department, March 2017

Light and photography: LumiPro 2017

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