Saturday, November 4, 2023

The Lover's Enigma and the Apples of Fate


After buying the “Luna Moth” ottoman, the intricate image of the green butterfly was etched in my mind, resonating with half-forgotten memories. Each time I glanced at the moth's delicate wings, I was transported to thoughts of my childhood, to the silhouette of the ancient castle back in my village that cast long shadows over local lore, steeped in whispers of forgotten dark rituals. The desire to return there was as irrational as it was irresistible.

I sought clarity where I least expected to find it—in the shadowed realm of a Fortune Teller. I had walked past her shop countless times, yet never intended to enter until that day.

The shop was dimly lit, candles casting a soft glow on the mysterious objects that filled the room: a basket of ripe apples, their scent mingling with the rich and exotic fragrance of incense, a weathered box etched with the word “TAROTS,” and an assortment of mystical paraphernalia that spoke of the occult. The air was filled with mystery, and in the heart of it all sat the fortune teller, an enigmatic smile playing upon her lips.

She gestured to the table, and I sat before the spread of cards. She laid three cards face down and asked me to turn one and tell her what I saw. I turned a card, revealing "VI Lovers," as its name told me. A couple in an eternal embrace amidst a thicket of roses.

"A romantic encounter, perhaps?" I offered, hoping to sound light-hearted, but a strange sense of foreboding tightened around my chest.

The fortune teller nodded, her eyes reflecting the flicker of candlelight. "Yes, you might have quite an encounter. Just, all cards have hidden meaning within them. The hidden name for the Lovers is Choice."

“Choice?” I repeated, the word echoing through my mind like an omen.

"Yes, my dear," she continued, her voice a soothing balm to my mounting unease. "Life is but a pattern of choices, each one is a thread intertwining with destiny's design."

I reached for the next card, eager to unveil more of this mysterious pattern, but her hand was swift, catching my wrist with a gentle firmness. "Wait," she said, offering me an apple with her free hand. The fruit looked ordinary, but the action was anything but. Her sleeve slipped back, revealing the inked image of a serpent coiling around her arm—a tattoo or perhaps a warning.

Unheeding, I accepted the apple, the crunch of my bite echoing in the still room. Her eyes never left mine as she spoke, "Well, you've already made your choice. For now, you know what to do. And soon you'll learn the tastes of good and evil."

Her words wound around me like the serpent on her arm, leaving me dazed. Questions perched on the tip of my tongue, but my consciousness was ebbing away, like mist in the rise of the morning sun.

Emerging back onto the street, apple in hand, clarity struck me with the force of a revelation. I was not just chasing a memory—I was answering a call that resonated with the deepest parts of my being. Tomorrow, I would return to the beginning, to my village, to face whatever awaited me there.

If I only knew what a quest I was going to follow. In my naiveté, I failed to perceive the truth. If only I had been more vigilant in the fortune teller's lair. If only I had seen the ashen pallor of the Lovers' skin, the macabre skull nestled among the roses around them, the serpent's inked embrace suggesting a choice fraught with consequence. The symbols were there, painted in the shadow and light of that room, but I was too caught up in the novelty, the adventure.

So, with the taste of the apple lingering and the moth’s image my silent sentinel, I took up the quest that would alter my life forever. The moth, it seemed, had guided me to this very choice, a choice shrouded in mystery as deep as the shadows that danced in the fortune teller’s chamber.

This adventure is made with:

..::THOR::.. Psychic Table
..::THOR::.. Psychic Candle
..::THOR::.. Psychic Box
..::THOR::.. Psychic Bookstand
..::THOR::.. Psychic Chair
NOMAD // Fortune Teller
NOMAD // Vintage Lab Cabinet
NOMAD // Botanical Lab Desk
NOMAD // Vintage Lab Cabinet
NOMAD // The Sun
NOMAD // The Moon
DRD Mystic Bastion - victorian bench red
DRD - Salem - Harvest decor - harvest table
DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Secret Bookcase
Apple Fall Deer Skull

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