Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spring sale!

Let's empty our cellars during the big spring cleaning round!

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Dahlia - VIP Red Rope - LINKED - Gold
Is a prize of the Golden Pea Award Prize, a MadPea Premium Hunt till March 31st

~The Green Door~
~The Green Door~ Grace Chandelier-Large
Is a prize of the Golden Pea Award Prize, a MadPea Premium Hunt till March 31st

The Half Moon Market
The Half Moon Market - Brass Cruciform Chandelier
The Half Moon Market - Silver Spiral Chandelier
Available at Imaginarium till March 31st

[Since1975] Shell - Valet stand
[Since1975] Shell Chest of drawers
[Since1975] Shell - Coffee Table
[Since1975] Shell - Flower pot
Available at Imaginarium till March 31st

[Boomerang] - Blueberry Parrot Companion
Available at Imaginarium till March 31st

Valentines Decor CHEZ MOI
Valentines Lovely Frame CHEZ MOI
Available as a groups gift for February at the main shop

Serenity Style
Vintage Treasures
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Counter
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Doors
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Mannequin
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Metallic boxes
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Bookshelf
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Fishing Basket
Serenity Style- Vintage Treasures - Cushions
Available at The Liaison Collaborative till March 26th

Serenity Style- Jacob Home Stool
Serenity Style- Jacob's Cabinet [with decor]
Serenity Style- Jacob's Pear Bowl
Serenity Style- Jacob Home Plant
Available at UNIK event

Other credits:

Trompe Loeil
Trompe Loeil - Nysa Conservatory

DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe - Hanging Cages - Medium Chain

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