Monday, February 4, 2019

Love Cabin

Ready for the night? Let's have champagne first!

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Serenity Style
Serenity Style- Starry Night  Moon
Serenity Style- Starry Night  Star Coral
Serenity Style- Starry Night  Star Yellow
Serenity Style- Starry Night  Star Blue
Serenity Style- Starry Lights (Coral floor)
Available at UNIK event from February 6th

14 Days of Love Calendar gifts: 
MadPea Bunch o' Hearts Balloons
MadPea Wine Tray of Love
Calendars are available at the MadPea main store till February 16th

GOOSE - Caged standing lamp
GOOSE - Caged hanging lamp
GOOSE - Caged table lamp
Available at The Mens Dept till February 28th

Wooden Cuties gacha
Cat Family CHEZ MOI
Bunny Love CHEZ MOI
Bunny Gift CHEZ MOI
Available at the Gacha Garden till February 28th

Mail for You gacha
Sway's [Mail for You] Balloon . GIFT
Sway's [Mail for You] Mailbox Gentle . copper
Sway's [Mail for You] Package
Sway's [Mail for You] Letter . floor
Available at the Gacha Garden till February 28th

22769 - Crate Table - COMMON
22769 - Pipes Bed - COMMON
22769 - Wagon Drape - COMMON
22769 - Leather Armchair - SOI
22769 - <3 - COMMON
22769 - Metal Chair - COMMON
22769 - Metal Table - COMMON
22769 - Rustic Lantern - COMMON
22769 - Heart Decoration - COMMON
22769 - Steel Ladder - COMMON
22769 - Old Freight Car - RARE
22769 - Sloppy Rug - COMMON
22769 - Bowl with Fruits - COMMON
Available at the Gacha Garden till February 28th

Christmas is in the Heart gacha
..::THOR::..Electricity Pole
Available at the main store

Other credits:

*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 - a

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