Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My new designer space

Full of many different things to boost the creativity.

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:: N :: Bruges Slope-Arm Chair, Adult
Available at Cosmopolitan till September 8th

BackBone Rustic Dining Table
BackBone Rustic Dining Stool
BackBone Wicker Apple Bowl
BackBone Tea Candle Holder
Available at Cosmopolitan till September 8th

[Since1975]Mannequin Lamp-Pose1 Paper RARE
Available at Imaginarium till September 30th

Artisan Fantasy
*AF* Craft Room 11 - Weighted Lamp
*AF* Craft Room 10 - Yarn Basket
*AF* Craft Room 08 - Tin Stack
*AF* Craft Room 09 - Pen & Ink Block
*AF* Craft Room 05 - Yarn Cubbies
*AF* Craft Room 04 - Paper & Ribbon Rack
*AF* Craft Room 06 - Thread Cubbies
*AF* Craft Room 01 - Drafting Table & Stool RARE
*AF* Craft Room 02 - Storage Cabinet RARE
Available at Imaginarium till September 30th

llorisen // chlo chlo cottage
Available at Fameshed till September 25th

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