Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kissing Huts

No, they are not like Kissing Mountains or something named because of staying very close to each other. They are the huts you go to kiss.

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Galland Homes
Carribean Hut
Available at Fameshed till February 25th.

Valentines Rug
Please, visit CHEZ MOI blog for more information.
Available at The Liaison Collaborative February 7th - 28th.

[V/W] Velvet Whip
All you need is Love gacha
Lighted Heart I
Lighted Heart II
Heart Tree
Kiss Booth
Couple Candle I
Couple Candle II
Hearts Lollipops
Love Tray
Valentine Vase
Heart Paper flower
Available at The Gacha Garden till February 28th

{RW}  Roawenwood
Anti-Valentines Valentine Gacha
Cupcake Tray Love RARE
Dark Cupcakes
Red Pink Cookies
Available at The Gacha Garden till February 28th

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