Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Keep it warm

Moonlight and snow is a beautiful duet to enjoy outside. As long as you keep yourself warm during the cold winter nights.


New Church
:: N : Noelle Petit Manoir suits perfectly as a Christmas residence with snow and Christmas decorations (both are optional and can be deleted). Land impact is 158 - 217 prims.
Available as a part of the "Christmas Village" Builder's Box.

Fireplace and chair set Chaud is a great way to spend the cold days outside. With fire, particles and sound effects. Land impact is 1 - 6 prims per item. More information at the CHEZ MOI blog.
Will be available at the next round of Ultra (November 15th - December 13th). 

Other credits:

YB Landscapes 
LAND01 Yzuo winter
YB- snow05 Yzuo

WW - Horse Chestnut - Mature 4

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