Friday, June 16, 2017

Black Noise

What if... the reality we see is just a random fluctuation of our brain activity? A a splash of black noise on an empty white canvas?


Santorini Lounge Couch is a perfect way to bring the family together. Supplied with a broad variety of single, couple and sex animations it provides place up to 5 family members. The Lounge is presented at the coming round of Très Chic event (starting on June 17th).

Other credits:

Cheeky Pea
:CP: Kaye Pendant Light
:CP: Kaye Vase Branches
from the May round of Deco(c)rate 2017

Simple Peg Board
from the May round of Deco(c)rate 2017

Simone Wall Painting
Simone Book Pile
from the May round of Deco(c)rate 2017

London Skyhome

Apple Fall
Design Books
Books & Map

.:Bee Designs :.
Mon Amour  Stool 1

Knick Knacks
2 lace curtain - flying 2

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