Friday, April 12, 2013

The wolfie cub!

You probably remember that I have two lycan fathers since Jamie's turning? And that they promised me puppies? Well, not sure if they did their best, but that puppy thing took me too long to wait. So, the sneaky me had some plans. The Fogo Loch Moon was a part of it. I wanted to lure the daddies to that romantic place and let the Moonshine magic work on them. Not sure what those two lycans did there - I am not allowed to watch that puppies making process and not sure it would be healthy for my sensitive personality. But it worked! I've got a little wolfie cub today! I guess both daddies are too busy with work, Royal duties and each other, so they placed the wolfie completely under my care. And I am not complaining here at all! I love my little brother here and I guess he found his place on my shoulder. He doesn't like to be touched at all and I guess he is developing a strong personality here. And he still needs a name. All suggestions are welcome. I am thinking to call him Lobinho...

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