Friday, April 28, 2017

Shoes ad

Yep, barely a shot for a shoe ad. Funny how Second Life can make the dreams appear to be true even those you wasn't aware of. Like did I know I wanted to participate a photography session somewhere in Milan for a shoe advertisement featuring a naked male model? Now I do. And the opportunity to be the art director, photographer and the model at the same time... priceless...


A&D Clothing
Presents BARCELONA - Men's Casual Shoes in Canvas with Ankle Leather Piece. It's 100% mes, Ready for Classic avatars (Fitted Mesh) with bodymesh friendly versions for Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam. There are 18 canvas colors (9 fatpack exclusives), 18 ankle leather variations, 11 colors for sole, 11 for cords and 6 for buckle/zip. Demo is available.

Other credits


Evan Body, tan
Amil Skin, tan
from the Mens Department, March 2017

Stairs for moonlight
from No Limits gacha

Thursday, April 27, 2017


The nights are quite cold here...But I don't feel it as my heart was frozen long time ago before I moved to this place of darkness, ice and the eternal night.


White is a perfect color for the icy night, so wearing the Vera Jacket together with the matching S.P.B. sweater to wear under the jacket or alone. A special fit for Gianni and TMP are available next to the standard version. There are 6 color variations for a jacket and 6 options for the sweater.
Available at The Crossroads.

Also used the MGmen's AXE Jeans to complete the outfit.

Other credits:


Evan Body, tan
Amil Skin, tan
from the Mens Department, March 2017

Tableau Vivant
JD hairpiece
from The Mens Department, March 2017

abandoned nautilus lighthouse

Light and pose: LumiPro 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunset tea and light refreshments

To continue the country chique decoration project... First things first... a nice cup of tea before all work waiting to be done. It's funny how quick the sunrise turns into a sunset on the countryside.


Apple Fall
Rural Farmhouse RARE
Tea Time Teaset
Apple Fall Bistro Planter

happyendpark. garden parasol
garden. macaron 2Li
garden. soda 1Li
garden. pinksoda 1Li
EDEN.olive / hang / new 1Li
EDEN.bell / B / old 1Li

Trompe Loeil 
Daphne Garden Table
Daphne Garden Chair {A}

The Cube Republic
CR Dahlia Plant 3
CR Dahlia Plant 2
CR Dahlia Plant 4
from BLOOM event

Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace - P2
WILD FLOWERS - Bunchberry - Blue - 5

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moonlight serenade

Moonlight magic with its many reflections falling together into a harmony of a night serenade.


Bee Designs
A combination of two gacha set - Spring Shed Gacha for Bloom event and Cosy Tree House Gacha for Shiny Shabby:
Spring Shed Gacha  Shed RARE
Spring Shed Gacha  Mirror
Spring Shed Gacha  Pair of vases
Spring Shed Gacha  Console table
Spring Shed Gacha  Side Table
from Bloom event

Cosy Tree  House Gacha Crate with flowers
Cosy Tree  House Gacha Poster 2
from Shiny Shabby


Pallet hangbed as an expression of Timeless Romance theme for the February issue of Deco(c)rate box. Land impact is 10.

Iron arch bench to spend the romantic moments with a beloved one in a blossoming garden. Was presented at The Crossroads in January 2017. Land impact is 10.

Other credits:

Serenity Style
All for love suitcase
from the February issue of Deco(c)rate 

Single Young Sakura PINK with Beads
Double Young Sakura PINK

Alligator Apple Bush

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Just another jump and I am on the other side of the street. And if I am lucky I can escape via a couple of dark alleys.


BION set consisting of a pair of pants (7 color variations) and a jacket (5 color variations). There is also a BION T-shirt to wear under the jacket. Standard fitmesh and two special versions for Gianni/Signature and TMP. Items can be bought individually or as a fatback. Demo is available.

Available at Men Only Monthly.

To complete the outfit two other pieces by MGMen's are used: Mipo Hat and Salute Sneakers.

Other credits:

Auto Repair Shop
Available at the current round of Draftsman

Fearless poses set

Lights and photography: LumiPro 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Melancholy of Dunes

Inspired by the beauty of NorderNey I decided to create my own place with a similar vibe where I could enjoy the calmness of a seashore while listening to the soothing sounds of wind, sea and seagulls. Melancholy of dunes and the respite it brings.


A&D Clothing
The current outfit is made by combining the Ewan Jacket with James Pants and Boston Shoes. All available at the A&D Clothing store in different color variations as well as fat packs with exclusives. All items are 100% original mesh coming in Fitted mesh as well as special versions for Singature, Adam, Slink and TMP. There is an option for advanced materials. Demos are available.

Other credits:

Swing Bench Hideaway
from the Deco(c)rate, November 2016

Driftwood II - Groupies Urchins
Driftwood LAMP

Wild Grass type 5 dry
Wild Grass Type 4 brown
Beach Dune 1 by Studio Skye

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Evening on the beach

It's time to lit the candle.


Decor Junction and Shutter Field 
Present the Seaside Set consisting of:
DJ / SF seaside chair - white
DJ / SF seaside chair - driftwood
DJ / SF Seaside Bag of Towels
DJ / SF Seaside Tray
DJ / SF Seaside Candle Lantern
Each item has a Li = 1 and can be bought separately or as a set with 20% discount.
Available at the Shiny Shabby from April 20, 2017.

Other credits:

Changing Booth RARE (from Antique Garden gacha via the mainstore)
Fan Palm Tree // Green
Orangerie Planter
Banana Tree // Group
(last three items are from The Orangerie Set available at the April round of Collabor88)

Skye Twin Palm 2

Cut Off Shorts Light Blue
(from the March round of The Mens Department)

(from the March round of The Mens Department)

Light and Photography: LumiPro 2017