Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The librarian

At the library. Seeking for liberation.


Falling Star Ears by Eclipse Art Studio
A new set ears with piercing and a tattoo presented at the current round of Très Chic (February 17 - March 10, 2017). All-in-one solution for a trendy hipster with several customization possibilities via the HUD. Available for 470L.

Other credits


Gianni avatar
@Signature Mesh mainstore

L'Etre Homme
Gianni skin applier /Cotton tone/
from Signature Event, December 2016

Michael Head applier /beard applied, tone 5/
from Signature Event, December 2016

[Z O O M]
Cezein Glasses
from SwagBag, January 2017

tegan beanie hair 
from Fifty Linden Friday. January 3, 2017

 SURVIVOR Leather Jacket
from The Mens Department, December 2016

@RK Poses mainstore

Lights and Photography
LumiPro 2017

Scene and Props

New York gacha BG 3
from Hello Tuesday, February 21. 2017 @Cosmopolitan

Pottery's childhood

Do you know how the garden pots spend their childhood before they become mature enough for their duty in your garden? Here is a little sneak peak in a Pottery's nursery.


Pot People version 2 by GOOSE
Eight funny pot people are presented at Shiny Shabby as a gacha with seven commons and one rare. A nice replacer for your usual garden dwarf, so he can finally enjoy his retirement in a barn. Each pot has a land impact from 1 to 3. The price is 70L per play.
The pot people used on the picture are:
- fish pot
- stolen head pot
- bath pot RARE
- work pot
- welcome pot
- swing pot
- lazy pot

@Shiny Shabby

And in case you need more of those funny folks, the first version of pot people is available at GOOSE mainstore.

Other credits:

Little Branch
LB_Hill v1
LB_Wild Grass {Green}
LB_Autumn Brise{4Seasons}
LB_Mystic Board Leaf. v2{4Seasons}
LB_Buck Thorn.v2{4Seasons)
@Little Branch store (the store at Cosmopolitan, mainstore will be opened again in March)

Sky Water System, Natural water

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear diary: My sweet thoughts of you

Another diary page filled with my thoughts of you. All those sweet things I want to share.


@Très Chic (February 17 - March 10, 2017)

#Foxy, Coffee Mug
A pink mug with a HUD to choose from 4 different looks and 4 coffee variations. Supposed to be added to the outfit, but can also be rezzed as a decoration item (you might need to rotate it for the right position). The price is 200L. When rezzed, the land impact is 4.

@A&DClothing mainstore

A&D Clothing, Oscar shirt
A striped shirt that comes in 18 color variations (6 fat pack exlcusives) with 9 color variations for the buttons. Advanced materials are enabled and can be switched on and off via the HUD. 100% original mesh that comes as fitted mesh with special versions for Signature, Slink, Adam and TMP. Price is 199L per color or 1299L for a fatpack.

Other items from the store used:

A&D Clothing
Pants ~James~

@Mad Pea International Food Fair

Fiasco, Shabby Kitchen Island  with Shabby Kitchen Chair
A small, but useful kitchen utility with drawers made for the Mad Pea's Food Fair, a fund raising event for a kitchen for impoverished school children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Comes with a chair completed with 9 single animations. Table and chair has a land impact of 2 each and a priced at 200L. To read more about the event, please visit

Other items from the Fair:

Apple Fall
Macarons in Box
Macarons on Sketchbook

:[P]:- Magnolia Cupcake [Held]

Other credits:

Oil Lamp
part of the Lazy Weekend Gacha presented at Cosmopolitan Jan 30 - Feb 11, 2017.

@Hello Tuesday  (today red color set for 100L, February 21, 2017)

la casa del pueblo  RARE
a part of La casa del pueblo gacha @Ionic

Light and photography
LumiPro 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

My summer serenade

Still dreaming of those warm summer evenings in the country. Those long lazy days full of sunshine.


The new prop by CHEZ MOI is an eye-catching traditional Moroccan Gazebo, perfect for gardens and outdoor areas. It comes in two versions - a PG one with 88 animations and an Adult variant with 144 animations: 24 single poses (male and female) with props like theg guitar you see on the picture, 12 alone poses, 40 for couples, 12 for happy family portraits and 56 poses for an hot encounter. Land impact is only 7. Availabe at  the current round of Très Chic (Feb 17 - March 10, 2017 at The price is 320L for a PG version and 480L for an Adult one.

Outfit by A&D Clothing that consists of:

Urban Style t-Shirt with 18 outer shirt colors (6 only available in a fat pack), 18 inner shirt colors, 10 button colors. Great long sleeve shirt with an urban print.

Costner pants - 3/4 long pants for the hot summer days. Available in 18 color variations (6 fat pack exclusives) with 10 colors for the cords.

Nautics Shoes with 13 colors for base leather (4 fat pack exclusives), and 13 for the upper part of the shoe. As well as 10 colors for cords and 8 for seams and rings colors.

All items are 100% original mesh coming in Fitted mesh as well as special versions fro Singature, Adam, Slink and TMP. There is an option for advanced materials. The price is 199L per item or 1299L for a fat pack. Available at the A&D Clothing mainstore at Demos are available.


Scene and props

Moroccan Gazebo (Très Chic, Feb 17 - March 10)
Pose and guitar are the props coming with the gazebo.
WARNING! The roses are not the part of the gazebo (see here under)

Backyard Retreat (mainstore, was a part of Fifty Linden Friday)
Backyard Retreat
Backyard Retreat Front Flowers (the roses are used inside the gazebo)
Hydrangea Flower Box
Backyard Retreat Drapes - Stag

Hollyhocks - Dark Blue 3 (mainstore)
Hollyhocks - White 1 (mainstore)
Hollyhocks - White 2 (mainstore)

Apple Fall
Al Fresco set (mainstore)
Handbag & Scarf
Canvas Tote

The Little Branch
LB_WildGrass /Green/ (mainstore)



A&D Clothing
Shoes -Nautics- (mainstore)
Pants ~Costner~ (mainstore)
tShirt ~Urban Style~ (mainstore)

Tableau Vivant
Oliver hair [M] - Naturals II (was a part of TMD, January 2017)

Lights and photography
LumiPro 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pup rescue

Hey, little buddy. Let me save you from the fluffy cuteness of this toy factory! I shall raise you like a real dog! We shall run and swim, we shall hunt, we shall chase the ducks together! I promise!


Fashiowl's "We are three" pose is a set of four couple poses around a cute pup in a box. As you can see it's perfect as a single pose, especially to advertise shoes, hand jewelery and glasses. The price is 250L. Available at the current round of Très Chic (Feb 17 - March 10, 2017 at

Forests of Hearts is a set of wooden trees by Your Dreams. A perfect way to build a forest inside a toy factory or a kid's store. Each tree has a land impact of 4. They come in 5 color variations for 99L per tree or 199L for a fatpack. Available at the current round of Très Chic (Feb 17 - March 10, 2017 at

MGMen's Viking Jacket in combination with the AXE Jeans and Salut Sneakers is a perfect outfit for a rescue mission. Provides enough disguise while being comfortable. It was presented at the January-February Signature event which is closed, so the set will be available at the mainstore soon ( The jacket comes in two color variation each with and without a pattern. The jeans count three color variation. Salut sneakers are available at Shiny Shabby or at the mainstore as well.


Scene and props

We are three - Pose 2 (Très Chic, Feb 17 - March 10, 2017)

Your Dreams
Forests of hearts - Orange tree
Forests of hearts - Pink tree
Forests of hearts - Yellow tree

Black Jack
The Store Gacha
Building RARE

Swing Horse 
Swing Horse Balloon
Swing Horse Star



Jacket Viking /Signature Gianni/ (soon at the mainstore)
Jeans AXE /Signature Gianni/ (soon at the mainstore)
Sneakers Salute /Signature Gianni (mainstore)

[ hoorenbeek ]
Glasses: Retro - Men

Lights and Photography
LumiPro 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

From Dusk till Dawn

When dusk falls to the place it's time for a usual night gathering at the local café. Arriving in style as always. My wine is ready and served outside.The unicorn skull will keep the undead away just long enough to let me finish the bottle. Another survival quest will start again. Will I make it till dawn this time?


Optmus Race presents the new OR K1000 Freedom that comes in three versions. For racing, touring or a static version for picture making with 600 poses included. With a land impact of 51 (standard) or 59 (static for photography) it has all the features like shadow, fans running effect, smoke, realistic lights, burning tire and different sounds among others to give the realistic experience in Second Life. Available either at the mainstore (with the demo area available - or at the marketplace ( for 3000L.

Mushilu's Cafe Dark consisting of a wall (with different colors of frames) and eigher one or two floors café frontage. A decoration prop for Second Life photography. Either for a dark scenery like shown in "From Dusk till Dawn" or an old café pictures. Land impact is 3 for a wall, 17 for two floors frontage or 8 for one floor prop. Available now at Très Chic (Feb 17 - March 10, 2017 at


Scene and props

Base Wall dark (Très Chic, Feb 17 - March 10, 2017)
Frontage (2 floor) Black (Très Chic, Feb 17 - March 10, 2017)

Optmus Race
OR K1000 FREEDOM SERIES (mainstore or marketplace)

GG - A Useful Unicorn (a gift for the new sim opening)

Tanakamura Kagu
[tmk] nugget chair /bronze/ (mainstore, was a part of Fifty Linden Friday)

Little Clawfoot Table (Collabor88, February 2017, a part of the Storybook set)



[ hoorenbeek ]
Eldritch 2.0 outfit presented at The Mens Dept, November 2016
New Rock Boots - Black Demon
Leather Pants - Short Boots Version
Cowboy Hat - Men - Simple

Lapointe & BastChild
L&B Swear Nomad Leather Jacket (mainstore)

Lights and Photography
LumiPro 2017

Q: What's the phone booth?

A: A phone booth is a street prop that supports up to 3 or 4 phone users to lean on while surfing or texting on their mobile devices.


"Never going to happen" is a male pose (two mirror poses actually) for the mobile phone user by Luanes World presented at the current round or Très Chic (Feb 17 - March 10, 2017 at iPhone 6 is given away with every purchase (both for the left and for the right hand to complete the pose) ;).

Outfit by A&D Clothing that consists of:

James pants. 100% original mesh with 15 leather colors (with 5 fatpack exclusives), 9 belt colors, 6 buckle & tackle colors and 4 cuffs styles. Fitmesh and separate versions for Signature, Slink, Adam and TMP. Demo is available.

Hugh vest and shirt with 9 shirt colors, 9 outer vest colors, 9 inner vest colors and 10 button colors. Fitmesh and separate versions for Signature, Slink, Adam and TMP. Demo available.

Boston shoes with 10 leather textures (with 4 fatpack exclusives), 3 elastics textures and 3 soles textures. Fitmesh and separate versions for Signature, Slink, Adam and TMP. Demo available.

All items can be bought at the A&D Clothing mainstore at The price for those items is 199L per color or 1299L for a fatpack.




A&D Clothing
Pants ~James~ (mainstore)
Shoes -Boston- Mesh (mainstore)
Shirt ~Hugh~ Mesh (mainstore)

Luanes World
:LW: Poses - Never going to happen, male pose 1 (Très Chic, Feb 17 - March 10, 2017)
:LW: iPhone6 (Très Chic, Feb 17 - March 10, 2017)

no_poem hair (bought at Hello Tuseday event, February 14, 2017)

Scene and props

phone booth (mainstore)
concrete street bench (was bought at the Mens Dept, December 2016)

Simple window (was bought at the Mens Dept, January 2017)

Apple Fall
Crumpled Newspaper (mainstore)

Lights and photography
LumiPro 2017