Friday, September 22, 2017

Ready for the Fall!

Candles, pumpkins, red and orange leaves, mist, spiderwebs, ghosts... all those accessories I shall need the coming months. I feel ready for the fall!


Bee Designs
Happy Fall Y'all Gacha with a cottage as rare and many fall decoration commons.
Available at the current round of Shiny Shabby (till October 15th).
Please, see the gacha key below:

Serenity Style
Aegeas Poles & Fence a country fence with a gate and electricity poles to give a cottage a country look.
Available at the current round of Shiny Shabby (till October 15th).
Please, see the pictures below:

Halloween items is all you need to give a Halloween touch to your usual autumnal decorations.
To see what you get, just visit the CHEZ MOI blog or come and look for yourself here 

Porch Ladder and a Porch Welcome sign (in white or dark) are another ways to bring some country feeling to the scene. There is also a Porch Chair to complete the scene.
The Pathway is also used.
Available at the current round of Shiny Shabby (till October 15th).

Other credits:


Wild Grass Type 6 short olive

Harvest feast

The days will become shorter and the nights longer (unless you are on the other half of the Earth of course ;) ). But before the darkness falls, let's enjoy and feast the harvest!


Decor - Dahlia Can [cranberries full]
Decor - Autumn Vibes Can [cranberries]
Decor - Autumn Vibes Can [blueberries]
Decor - Dahlia Can [blueberries full]
from the Shiny Shabby till October 15th

[P] Pillows
Autumn Decor: Plain Table
from the Decor Circle, Tres Chic till October 10th

Sleepy Mouse
from the Decor Circle, Tres Chic till October 10th

Green Grocers - Pavillion RARE

Autumn Decor - Dahlias Jug (Salmon)
Autumn Decor - Dahlias Jug (Orange)
Autumn Decor - Dahlias Jug (Purple)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Retro call center

Being retired you can enjoy all the time on the world, they told me. Well, never thought I would become a local call center for the whole neighborhood and a parcel collection point. "You have plenty of time, can you keep my parcel?" "Can you take a call and write down a message for me?" - those are the most common questions I am hearing these days.


Serenity Style
Presents the Janire Vintage Collection, a set of retro props to travel back in time. Or just to experience some nostalgic moments.
Available at the current round of the Pocket Gacha (September 15th - October 14th).

The Gacha Key:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Autumnal light

Those are the melancholic feel of decay and that special light coming through the morning haze. the perfect time to go to sleep before the winter darkness falls.


The Summer is Gone gacha set has all you need to make a nice shelter to enjoy the Indian Summer while observing the Fall conquering the world. Please, see the gacha key below.
Available now at the September round of the PocketGacha event (September 15th - October 14th).

Some other items used next to this gacha are:
clay bottle with flower
Gattomiau Red
Licking Red Cat
Gattomiau lying Siamese

Other credits:

WILDFLOWERS - Poppies - Orange
WW - Horse Chestnut - Mature

Wild Grass Type 6 short olive

Huh? Where's the summer gone?

But to be honest, I love fall! All those colors! And it has enough warm sunny days to put a color matching tank on.


A&D Clothing
Randall Tank together with Justin Pants. Both are mesh clothing for classic avatars with special versions for Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam. The tank comes in 18 colors (10 are exclusive for a fat pack) with 4 colors for buttons. The pants have 16 color variations (8 fatpack exclusives), several boxer possibilities (also on/off) and 4 different cuff styles. Materials enabled. Demo's available.

Other credits:

[ keke ]
Blown away Rowan set
from the November 2016 issue of Deco(c)rate

WILDFLOWERS - Echinacea - Harvest Moon

Wild Grass Type 6 short olive
Twisted Tree

RK Poses




Lights: LUMI Pro 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Outside the Library

Those are the last warm sunny days, so why not to take the books outside?


When it comes to A perfect day to spend outside you need a massive base and a roof above your head. But for the rest - let the sun shine through and the breeze touch the skin. And that all in a comfort of the beloved bed.
Available at Cosmopolitan Event (September 10th - 24th)

Serenity Style
Norah Imagination Gacha proves it - Library doesn't have to be big. As long as it's cosy.
Available at The Liaison Collaborative (September 7th - 30th)
Please, see the product ad below:

Other credits:

Horse Chestnut - Mature

Alligator Apple Bush
Wild Grass Type 6 short olive

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The succulentophile cave

Those are the posters by unKindness that you instantly notice at The Mens Dept. Naughty picturers for a Man Cave that you probably keep away from your future mother-in-law's view. I liked the humor of it, but... somehow the decorator in me was more attracted to those succulent plants and the frosty textures of the candles. Inspired for a close-up.


uK - Bachelor Hall Wine Planter
uK - Bachelor Hall Candle
uK - Bachelor Hall Kerchief
uK - Bachelor Hall Table
uK - Bachelor Hall Art Bender v1
uK - Bachelor Hall Art Bender v2
Available at The Mens Dept till September 30th.

Serenity Style
Norah Imagination  Little Library RARE
Loved the vintage interior of this building! I'll show you more of it and it's exterior in one of the following pictures.
Available at The Liaision Collaborative till September 30th.

Aga Cup o' Succulent

Succulent 2