Sunday, August 20, 2017

The city of Mist

It was wise of you not to come here at night, it would be just a suicide. But don't be a fool thinking it's safe now as you never know what might be hiding inside the mist. It's ephemeral transparency is just an illusion.


This city is built with the Dystopia Commercial Set presented on Thereafter event (August 17th - 27th). Quite a functional set to create a post-apocalyptic shopping event with old church ruins shaped as a stage and eight commercial booths in abandoned houses. There is also mossy looking ivy add-on for a creepier look.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Coffee time!

Where would you like your coffee being served?


Bee Designs
The Dark Oak gacha set - a nice chalet and all you need to decorate is. Available at The Chapter Four (till September 1st). Please, check the gacha key below:

Other items by Bee Designs are:
Spring Shed Gacha  Side Table
Spring Shed Gacha  Memory Book & vase

Other credits:

Song Vase

Colonna Coffee Machine (black)

Mary Coffee Tray

Coffee & Muffin

Friday, August 18, 2017

What's there? After?

An  adventurous journey to discover the post-apocalyptic future. Or yet, much better... to create one.


A&D Clothing
Back to basic call for the free spirits. A cotton Tank This Is Me. Bodymesh for classic avatar and a special version for Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam. 18 colors (with 10 exclusively for a fat pack).

Death Row Designs
A close-up on a Sewer Shelter set. Available as a set or separate parts at Thereafter event August 17th  - 27th.

Other credits:

Survival Mask & Helmet
From Thereafter event August 17th  - 27th.

Saw Hawk
From Thereafter event August 17th  - 27th.

Hy-dr4 Augment
From The Mens Dept, August 2017

Spiked Fury - Bloody Brown
From The Mens Dept, August 2017

{ Speakeasy }
Vertex Tattoo
From The Mens Dept, August 2017

Biker Outfit BOTTOM - XS

Lights: LumiPro 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Indian summer

Orange is new Black. Meet Indian Summer.


Serenity Style
Jules Fall Collection Gacha presented at Whimsical event (August 18th - September 18th). All you need to make the autumnal days to feel warm and cosy. Please, check the gacha key:

Knot Country Set for the current round of The Liaison Collaborative (August 7th - 30th). As you can see is a perfect match for the Jules Fall Collection from above.

Porch Swing for the current round of Limit8 event (August 18th - September 13th). Comes in three wood texture versions with changeable textures for the cushions. With the land impact of 7 prims for the swing and 1 for the floor base (if needed). With 112 animations for the Adult version and 56 for the PG one. More information about the set on CHEZ MOI blog.

Kombi Bed for the current round of Cosmopolitan event (August 2nd - 26th). A hippie vintage style mini-van with a bed for a nice night on the beach or a forest adventure. Comes with single, couple, family and sex (adult version only) animations for a broad variety of experiences. Three van colors and changable textures for the blanket and pillows. More information on CHEZ MOI blog.

Other credits:

Wild Grass Type 6 short olive
Twisted Tree

YB Landscapes 
Y.B skybox mesh 128x128 Iloa 01

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Just one more day to make a time jump to the post-apocalyptic future. I've already booked a room. Looks cosy and comfortable enough to spend a decade or two.


Death Row Designs
You probably remember the Sewer Shelter by DRD? Please, meet it's remake with upgraded textures, meshes and furniture. Available at Thereafter event August 17th  - 27th.

Other credits:

Alligator Apple Bush
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 short brown
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Skye Jaggy Rocks 2 - Claw

The Little Branch

YB Landscapes
Y.B skybox mesh 128x128 Iloa 01

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ready for the spa?

Well, don't worry as the spa is always ready for you. Waiting peacefully to give you a relaxing experience.


Decor Junction and Shutter Field
A Garden Path Set to prevent the sand adhere to your wet feet while walking for your massage session after a nice swim. Of course can be used for the garden as well. Comes in three texture versions. Four pieces to build a path with. Available at On9 event till August 28th.

Sun Deck so you can enjoy the splashes of sea waves without getting wet. Land impact is 4 prims. There are two versions: DARK and LIGHT wood. Available at the mainstore or on the marketplace.

Serenity Style
Zen Pool Pavilion is a new building fot he August round of Deco(c)rate An Asian style pavilion with a little pool and magnolia blossoms on the water surface to reach a perfect state of zen. Land impact is 15 prims

Yin-Yang Massage Set consisting of the massage table and a curtain is also a part of the August round of Dec(c)rate). Land impact is 15 prims for the curtain and 4 for the table.

Cheeky Pea
The Plum Blossom set consisting of a table with a cloth. a vase with a blossoming branch and a sitting cushion. Another set inside this round of the Deco(c)rate. Land impact is 2 prims for a vase or the table and 1 prim for the cushion (linked together as show on the picture will give 7 prims instead of 8).

Location: (will be re-decorated soon).

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fall came early this year

A slightly haunted place. I guess the fall came early this year, but looking more closely I start to doubt if it ever left this place.

It's the Haunted House I decorated inspired by the DRD Sale. I guess I still leave it for another week before starting with a new project -



A Manor Fence Set with a classic Victorian touch with lanterns and rounded lamps. The set includes two texture versions - normal and destroyed with a grungy touch. Land impact - 1 prim for railing or round lamp and 2 for the lantern. At Fameshed now (till August 27th).

Death Row Designs
DRD Rustic cabin
Mystery Mansion - Porch Bench
Mystery Mansion - Baby Carriage

Other credits:

Apple Fall
Whitehall Pathway

Old Tree Brown

Wild Grass Type 6 short brown
Wild Grass Type 6 brown

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another lazy summer day

Hanging around. Alone or with friends. The way to spend the lazy summer days.


Cheeky Pea
Bondi Hammock Seat is a great way to spend a lazy day. Just let it carry your body and let the mind dwell somewhere in a dreamland. Adult and PG version. Available in different texture variations. Now at The Mens Dept (untill August 31st). Land impact is 14 prims.

Cheeky Pea and Second Spaces
And when the friends come over and just a hammock is not enough, there is also a great Retha Nook Set to hang around together. On the picture:

:CP: Retha Corner Sofa (PG)
:CP: Retha Coffee Table Chest

Second Spaces - Retha's Suspended Shelves - dark
Second Spaces - Retha's Lever Lamp - silver/double bend

From Uber event July 2017 (still open till August 23rd)

Serenity Style
The Alboran Summer House from the Deco(c)rate is used to decorate for this scene.

Other credits:

Head Accessory - Requiem (a headpiece used as a decoration item).
From Uber event July 2017 (still open till August 23rd)

Dido Vase With Lillies
Dido Cheese Platter And Wine Glasses
From Uber event July 2017 (still open till August 23rd)

Monday, August 7, 2017

My dream tonight

Fallen asleep under the moon and felt the gentle force pulling my body up to the clouds...


The Victorian Dreamscape Gacha for the current round of The Epiphany (till August 15th). The items used are:
uK - Victorian Dreamscape House RARE
uK - Victorian Dreamscape Cloudsies Gold
uK - Victorian Dreamscape Cloudsies Blue
uK - Victorian Dreamscape Miss Moon Gold
uK - Victorian Dreamscape Birdhouse 2
uK - Victorian Dreamscape Tree silver
uK - Victorian Dreamscape Tree Pink

Please, see the gacha key below:

Other items used are from In the Clouds Gacha from the previous round of The Epiphany.
uk - In the Clouds Ancient Stage
uK - In the Clouds Hanging Bridge
uK - In the Clouds Island Mid
uK - In the Clouds Floating Swing
uk - In the Clouds Stars & Moon Exclusive
uK - In the Clouds Fairy Fog

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer retreat

Somewhere on the edge of the world where the summer evening lasts forever.


Bee Designs
.:Bee Designs:. By The Ocean  Gacha Bungalow -Blue RARE
.:Bee Designs:. By The Ocean  Gacha Dresser
.:Bee Designs:. By The Ocean  Gacha Shells 2
.:Bee Designs:. By The Ocean  Gacha Oars and life ring

By The Ocean Gacha set is available now at The Gacha Garden Event (untill August 31st). Please, see the gacha key below:

Other credits:

Da Vinci Gardens
Group of 12 seagulls with sounds 5prims

REAL Waves
Mediterranean wave V3 Collection 2010 MODEL MW3C2

Friday, August 4, 2017

Temple of hope ruins

This place is all what is left of the world as I knew it. No wonder I come here every day to pray for hope.


Old bell tower facade is an exclusive item presented at the current round of Cosmopolitan (July 31st - August 12th). A nice finishing touch for a scene with ruins. Just 7 prims.

Other credits:

Distressed wall gate RARE
from Wild is the wind gacha

Swing Bench Hideaway with Bench

Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Wild Grass Type 6 short brown

REAL Waves
Mediterranean wave V3 Collection 2010 MODEL MW3C2

Driftwood FENCE

Da Vinci Gardens
Group of 12 seagulls with sounds 5prims

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Warm evening expectations

Everything is served for dinner with friends tonight. The candles will take it over from the sun once it's gone.


Alexandra Hanging Table is an exclusive release for Cosmopolitan from (July 31st to August 12th). Useful for a nice friend's gathering or a romantic dinner for two with its 75 (PG) or 135 (Adult) animations for up to 6 avatars. Visit CHEZ MOI blog for more information.

Other credits:

Serenity Style 
Rare from the Decorated Window gacha set

Restoration Wall Decor
(Fameshed till August 27th).

Verano Wall Set

Cube Republic
Red ginger - Costus comosus

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Game of Thrones: Post-Apocalypse

Of course there is the Game of Thrones still going on in the post-apocalyptic future. So I am defending my throne right now!


Death Row Designs
New month, so there is a new group's gift at DRD! Morbid Deceit's turn! The unisex Chester Helmet with some surprisingly funny details on it. And it's FREE for the group members!

Other props by DRD used for this scene are:
A Useful Unicorn
Coveted Outhouse
Makeshift Refuge (only some elements are used)

The Newera Jeans seem to be a great piece to wear in an apocalyptic world with their worn and torn look. Still available at Men Only Monthly event (till August 15th).

Salut sneakers are used as well.

Other credits:

Hellar (skin, shape)


Stanley head

Wylie Military Jacket

Light: LumiPro 2017