Friday, March 16, 2018

Designing my new home

It requires a lot of planning to design the decoration for a new home. Especially if it's a big one!


also Known as
The BarCode Villa
Available at the all new and shiny ILLUMINATE event from March 18th - April 13th.

Crimson Rogue Flare Ejection Seat
Available at the all new and shiny ILLUMINATE event from March 18th - April 13th.

Serenity Stye
The Draftsman set
Draftsman Table
Draftsman Side Table
Draftsman Tools
Draftsman Stool
Available at ULTRA event till April 8th.

Dublin Entry Set
Dublin Sign and Hangers
Clover Pot
Bench Dublin
Available as a part of the Deco(c)rate, March 2018 issue.

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