Saturday, December 3, 2016

My new me

Found the new look for the time being. Curious... Did I choose it as it feels closer to my RL me? Or ti only drives me further into my SL fantasy? Another question without an answer.


Sven outfit by MGMen's for Signature event (, December 1st - 15th. Together with some other goods from Signature. The Sven outfit consists of a shirt, a pair of pants and a loosened bow tie. Four texture colors for each piece. The price is 300L for a texture variation of a shirt or pants and 50L for a tie. Fatpacks available for 900L (shirt or pants) and 150L (tie). There are special versions for Signature Gianni and SLINK bodies next to five standard sizes (XS through XL). Demos available.

The outfit of my choice for the coming Holidays.



Signature mesh avatar Gianni 
Body, Head

L'Etre Homme
Gianni skin applier /Cotton tone/ (Signature Event, December 2016)

Michael Head applier /beard applied, tone 5/ (Signature Event, December 2016)

MGmen's_T-shirt_Sven /Signature_Gianni/ (Signature, December 2016)
MGmen's_Bowtie_Sven /signature_Gianni/ (Signature, December 2016)

Odyssey Eyes - Moor

Basti Hair! *resize (Men Only Monthly, November 2016)


Story Teller's Burrow /Building and accessories gacha/

Lumi Pro 2016 /lights/
Filter Forge 6 /effects/

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