Friday, April 21, 2017

Melancholy of Dunes

Inspired by the beauty of NorderNey I decided to create my own place with a similar vibe where I could enjoy the calmness of a seashore while listening to the soothing sounds of wind, sea and seagulls. Melancholy of dunes and the respite it brings.


A&D Clothing
The current outfit is made by combining the Ewan Jacket with James Pants and Boston Shoes. All available at the A&D Clothing store in different color variations as well as fat packs with exclusives. All items are 100% original mesh coming in Fitted mesh as well as special versions for Singature, Adam, Slink and TMP. There is an option for advanced materials. Demos are available.

Other credits:

Swing Bench Hideaway
from the Deco(c)rate, November 2016

Driftwood II - Groupies Urchins
Driftwood LAMP

Wild Grass type 5 dry
Wild Grass Type 4 brown
Beach Dune 1 by Studio Skye

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